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Toll Plaza Scams: Don't fall for it! Essential Tips for Safe Travel

Top view of a Toll Plaza/Toll Naka/Toll Booth on a highway –image tries to explain Toll Plaza Scams & how to avoid them

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Guard against toll naka scams! Explore essential tips for safe travel, ensuring you navigate toll booths with confidence. Your journey's safety matters—read on for valuable insights.

Toll plazas have become a routine part of our road journeys, but hidden within their seemingly mundane existence lies a dark underbelly of potential scams. Recently, a shocking incident in Gujarat exposed a fake toll plaza operating for 1.5 years! So, from meticulously constructed fake toll plazas to deceptive practices involving Fastag technology, staying vigilant and informed is crucial to protecting your finances and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Unmasking the Frauds: A Glimpse into the Dark Side of Toll Nakas

Bogus ConstructionScammers erect fake toll booths mimicking official ones, complete with deceptive signage and uniforms. Unaware motorists are then tricked into paying inflated fees, lining the pockets of these fraudsters.
Toll DiversionTraffic is diverted from legitimate toll plazas onto unpaved roads where scammers set up their own booths and charge lower fees. This deprives the government of revenue while still defrauding commuters.
OverchargingEven at official toll plazas, manipulation of systems or inflated fees can occur, leaving unsuspecting motorists paying more than they should.

Fastag Woes: When Technology Fails

Technical GlitchesMalfunctioning scanners or data processing errors can lead to unauthorized deductions from Fastag accounts, causing financial losses and frustration.
Skimming Hackers install devices at toll plazas to steal data from Fastag cards, which can then be used for unauthorized transactions.
PhishingScammers impersonate Fastag authorities through emails and SMS messages, containing phishing links that steal personal and financial information.

Beyond the Tollbooth: Other Scams to Watch Out For

Fake ReceiptsScammers issue fake receipts after collecting actual toll fees, pocketing the money for themselves.
Non-Existent TollsIndividuals collect toll fees for defunct toll plazas or where tolls are not applicable.

Staying Safe: Your Guide to Avoiding Toll Naka Scams

Be a DetectiveVerify toll plazas by checking official signage, markings, and personnel uniforms. If anything seems off, trust your gut and proceed with caution.
Embrace TechnologyWhile not foolproof, Fastag simplifies payments and provides transaction records for easy identification of suspicious activity.
Keep WatchPay attention to the toll amount and keep a close eye on your Fastag statements for any unrecognized deductions.
Report Suspicious ActivityDon't hesitate to report any suspicious activity you encounter at a toll plaza to the authorities. Your actions can help prevent others from falling victim.


Scams evolve and adapt, so staying informed and vigilant is crucial. By understanding the different types of toll naka frauds and implementing the simple tips provided, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable journey on the open road.