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FirstRays Ventures Private Limited is a step towards digital financial literacy for the people of India. As we consider it our duty to give our best to society, we intend to invest in a digital society in an innovative manner using various interesting ideas. Everyone should do something for the empowerment of society: we strongly believe in this. Because this is the only sustainable way to achieve balanced development.

FirstRays Ventures Private Limited is a leader in driving society forward in the present and in the future. and its extended social media is a reflection of that. We strive to expand upon diverse ideas while remaining committed to our core principles. We are not just a new digital company but a 'cause' for the progress of society. We envisage, a social media web portal to make the grassroots Indian community financially literate, keeping pace with the changing digital world.

No one needs to be told how important money is in everyone's life. How does money work? Those who are aware of this are moving forward in their life with more confidence. But there are many thousands more who know that while making money is a necessity; do not know that it also an art, and hence not the proper use of this art. As Chanakya says in his Niti “Money is useless if you have no plan for its use along with earning it, or if you have no concrete reasons for how to use it.”

Saving money will not make it grow or change your lifestyle. Investing the earned money properly is considered a sign of wisdom. For this it is very important to have an up-to-date knowledge of various aspects of investment and various aspects of finance. The first step in the world of money starts with education. Education never ends and what is learned is never wasted. For this, we are bringing the latest information from the financial world, featured articles, various government schemes, financial rules and conditions, and smart analysis of experts on constant questions about investing – in very simple language through Our motto is to be always be with you in the journey of financial literacy.