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Understanding Taxation of ESOPs: A Simple Guide

Learn how ESOPs are taxed at grant, vesting, and sale stages to plan and minimise tax liabilities.

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The Great WhatsApp Stock Market Scam and How to Avoid It

Discover how to spot and avoid WhatsApp stock market scams targeting new investors in India.

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Turn Losses into Gains? Set-off & Carry Forward Strategies to Reduce Your Income Tax Liability

Don't let business losses or bad investments sink your tax savings! This article unlocks powerful Set-off & Carry Forward strategies to minimize your tax burden in India. Turn losses into tax savings! Read Now!

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Clubbing of Income: What You Need to Know

Understand clubbing of income under the Income Tax Act: prevent tax splitting, stay compliant.

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Beware of New Scam Targeting Food Delivery App Users

Beware! New food delivery app scam targets OTPs, costing users thousands. Learn how to stay safe.

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Selling Property? Avoid Section 50C, 50CA & 56(2)(x) Penalties - Immovable Property Tax Traps

Selling your property? Avoid TAX TROUBLE with Sections 50C, 50CA & 56(2)(x)! Learn how to dodge penalties & save money on your immovable property sale. Read this NOW!

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Are We in a Stock Market Bubble?

Analysts warn of a potential Indian stock market bubble, citing overvaluation and irrational exuberance especially in mid-cap and small cap-segment.

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Deduction of TDS and Filing TDS Returns: A Simple Guide

Learn how to correctly deduct TDS and file TDS returns with this simple guide for easy compliance.

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