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The web portal has been established with the aim of providing guidance in simple language to make the last segment of our society financially literate. Through the web portal, we provide objective, accurate and research-based information.

We do not give any financial or professional advice, but we make an honest attempt to provide guidance regarding the current financial situation.

Many people find it difficult to make big financial decisions. We provide guidance for such people in regular saving, investing, debt management and achieving financial goals in life.

All types of digital financial transactions are now increasing through Digital India. At the same time, incidences of financial fraud in digital transactions are also increasing. We present various articles and videos on our web portal to create awareness about this.

Financial literacy is being promoted at the level of banks, various financial institutions, and government. In addition to this and in keeping our sense of social responsibility, we started this movement of financial literacy in the form of

Keeping in mind that financial literacy is the need of the hour, we strive to find the right combination of financial planning, budgeting, and savings.

We do not endorse any financial product service or provide any financial advice. We strive to provide correct and accurate information.

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