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Is the landlord responsible for providing basic amenities like water and electricity in India?

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Explore tenant rights: Is your landlord obligated for water, electricity? Learn the essentials of renting.

Yes, in India, the landlord is generally responsible for providing basic amenities like water and electricity in a rented/leased property.

Water Supply

The landlord should provide access to clean and potable water for the tenants' use. In case of any issues with the water supply, such as leaks or disruptions, it is the landlord's duty to address and resolve the problem.

Electricity Supply

The landlord is also responsible for ensuring that the rented property has a proper and functioning electricity supply. The electrical connections, wiring, and infrastructure should be in good condition and comply with safety standards. The landlord should address any electrical issues promptly to ensure the tenants have a safe and reliable electricity supply.

Common Area Facilities

If the rented property is part of a larger residential complex or building, the landlord is responsible for providing and maintaining basic amenities in the common areas. This may include lighting, security measures, and other facilities as per the agreement or local regulations.

Communication and Reporting

As a tenant, it is important to promptly communicate any issues or disruptions related to water or electricity supply to the landlord or the designated property manager. This allows them to take necessary action and resolve the problem in a timely manner.

Tenant's Responsibilities

While the landlord is responsible for providing basic amenities, tenants are expected to use these amenities responsibly. It is essential to conserve water and electricity, report any wastage or leakages promptly, and adhere to any rules or regulations related to the usage of these amenities.

Agreement Terms

The lease agreement may contain specific clauses regarding the provision of basic amenities. It is crucial to review the agreement to understand the terms and conditions related to water, electricity, and other amenities provided by the landlord.

It is important to note that specific responsibilities may vary depending on the terms of the lease agreement and local regulations. If there are any concerns or disputes regarding the provision of basic amenities, it is advisable to consult local tenancy laws or seek legal advice to understand your rights as a tenant in India.