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Google India Launches Sachet Loans for Small Businesses

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Discover Google India's innovative move! Explore the impact of Sachet Loans on small businesses. Uncover the details of this groundbreaking initiative that could reshape financial landscapes for entrepreneurs. Read on for insights!

Big news from the tech giantGoogle India is rolling out a bunch of cool financial goodies, especially designed to boost small businesses. Let's break it down in simple terms.

Sachet Loans: A Closer Look

Google India is venturing into the financial services realm by introducing "sachet loans" on the Google Pay app. Sachet loans are small, manageable loans starting at Rs 15,000, with monthly installments as low as Rs 111. This offering is designed to provide financial assistance to businesses in need.

Strategic Partnerships in Finance

To implement these financial services, Google Pay has collaborated with various banks and financial institutions. Partnerships with ePayLater and DMI Finance have been established to provide credit lines for merchants and offer sachet loans. Additionally, a partnership with Axis Bank expands the range of available personal loans on Google Pay.

Credit Lines for Merchants

Google Pay, in collaboration with ePayLater, now offers credit lines for merchants. This initiative addresses the capital requirements challenges faced by businesses, aiming to provide practical solutions to financial hurdles.

Economic Opportunities through Digital Pragati

Beyond the introduction of loans, these efforts align with Google Pay's broader initiative, Digital Pragati. The objective is to create economic opportunities for individuals across India. The increasing digital transactions, with over 350 million Indians participating, signify the impact of such initiatives.

Inclusive Financial Empowerment

Targeting individuals with a monthly income below Rs 230,000 residing in tier 2 towns or beyond, Google Pay's financial services aim to foster financial empowerment. The goal is to ensure a more inclusive economic landscape for a diverse population.


Whether you're a small business owner or an individual seeking financial support, Google Pay's new financial offerings present potential avenues worth exploring. Stay informed about the evolving landscape of sachet loans and other financial opportunities, as the digital realm continues to reshape the financial services landscape.