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What are the rights of a tenant in India if the landlord fails to address repair or maintenance issues?

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Assert your rights: Tenant's guide when landlords neglect repairs. Know your rights for a smooth stay.

As a tenant, you have the right to a habitable and safe living environment. If the landlord fails to address significant repair or maintenance issues that affect the habitability of the property, you have the right to demand prompt action.

Notify the Landlord

It is important to notify the landlord in writing about the repair or maintenance issues that need attention. Clearly describe the problems, request repairs, and provide a reasonable time frame for the landlord to address the issues. If the landlord fails to address the repair or maintenance issues within a reasonable time frame, you have the right to take action. This may involve hiring a professional to carry out the necessary repairs and deducting the costs from the rent, as long as it is reasonable and proportionate.

Consider Lease Termination

In extreme cases where the repair or maintenance issues are severe and the landlord consistently fails to take action, you have the right to terminate the lease agreement. This should be done in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the lease agreement or local tenancy laws.

Take Legal Action

You may seek legal remedies by filing a complaint with the local housing authority or approaching a civil court to enforce your rights as a tenant.

Document Everything

Be sure to maintain records of all communication with the landlord, including written notices, emails, or photographs of the issues. This documentation can be valuable evidence if legal action becomes necessary.


Remember, it is essential to communicate your concerns to the landlord in writing, provide reasonable time for them to address the issues, and follow the proper legal procedures. Understanding your rights and seeking legal advice when necessary can help you navigate repair and maintenance issues effectively.