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How to get your refunds for flights cancelled during Covid lockdown

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Navigating flight refunds amid Covid-19 is essential. Learn about government directives and airline initiatives to secure refunds seamlessly.

Understanding the Refund Scenario

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many flights were canceled, leading to confusion regarding refunds. Many faced difficulties in obtaining refunds from travel aggregators despite the Supreme Court's directive for full refunds for tickets that were booked during the lockdown period.The government and airlines have taken steps to ensure passengers receive refunds for their canceled flights without facing additional charges.

CCPA Intervention

The CCPA stepped in to address this issue by engaging with travel platforms and issuing notices to online travel aggregators and tour agencies. These notices urged them to refund booking amounts to consumers affected by the pandemic. While the process was not easy and took around two years to complete, the CCPA's efforts have yielded significant results.

Initiatives by Airlines

Airlines have been directed to refund passengers who canceled flights between March 25 to May 24 that year. This move aims to address the concerns of passengers who cancelled their travel plans due to the lockdown restrictions.

Ensuring Refunds for Passengers

1. Contact Airlines

Reach out to the respective airline through customer service channels or their website to initiate the refund process.

2. Provide Details

Be prepared to provide booking details, flight information, and any other required documentation for a smooth refund experience.

3. Follow Up

In case of delays or issues with the refund process, follow up with the airline's customer service for updates and resolution.

Industry Response

Major airlines like IndiGo have reported processing refunds for 99% of tickets of flights canceled during the lockdown period. This demonstrates a commitment from airlines to address passenger concerns and ensure timely refunds.

Importance for Passengers

Receiving refunds for canceled flights is crucial as it involves people's hard-earned money. Understanding the process and actively seeking refunds can help passengers recover their funds effectively.

Navigating flight refunds during the Covid-19 lockdown requires awareness of government directives, airline policies, and proactive engagement with airlines for a seamless refund experience. By staying informed, providing necessary details, and following up on refund requests, passengers can ensure they receive their rightful refunds for canceled flights, contributing to financial security and peace of mind during uncertain times.