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How much prize money did Siraj get for the Asia Cup?

Siraj Mohammed

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Curious about Mohammed Siraj's Asia Cup prize money? Discover his earnings and the rewards of cricket.

In a thrilling finale to the Asia Cup, Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj emerged as the hero of the hour, securing the Man of the Match award for his outstanding bowling performance against Sri Lanka. However, it was his noble gesture following the victory that truly touched hearts around the cricketing world. Siraj chose not to keep the $5,000 prize money for himself, but instead, he dedicated it to the unsung heroes of the game – the groundstaff at Colombo's R Premadasa Stadium.

The Asia Cup - A phenomenal Series

The Asia Cup, a cricketing extravaganza showcasing the best teams in the continent, witnessed its fair share of challenges, particularly from unpredictable rain showers that frequently disrupted matches. Notably, the India vs. Pakistan encounter during the group stage was marred by rain, resulting in both teams sharing a point. Throughout the tournament, the groundstaff played a pivotal role in ensuring the matches proceeded smoothly despite the adverse weather conditions.

A Thrilling Match

In the final showdown, it took India a mere 37 balls to chase down a target, marking a historic moment in the Asia Cup's four-decade history. While fans cheered for the players on the field, images of the vigilant groundspersons, ready with covers at the first sight of approaching clouds, were a familiar sight during broadcasts. Their dedication and expertise in preserving the pitch and outfield did not go unnoticed.

Siraj’s Noble Gesture

Mohammed Siraj, who delivered a scintillating spell of 6 for 21 in the title clash, decided to recognize the invaluable contributions of the groundsmen. With a heart full of gratitude, he declared, "This cash prize of $5,000 goes to the groundsmen. They deserve it fully. This tournament wouldn't have been possible without them." Siraj's generosity sent a powerful message, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging those working tirelessly behind the scenes. His decision to donate the prize money not only symbolizes his humility but also serves as a reminder that cricket is more than just a sport; it is a collective effort that involves countless individuals striving to make every match possible.


In the end, Siraj's remarkable performance on the field was equaled by his compassionate gesture off it. He won more than just a Man of the Match award; he won the hearts of fans and fellow cricketers alike, reminding everyone that cricket, at its core, is a game of camaraderie and sportsmanship.