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Doubling Your Savings with the Senior FD Scheme - A Simple Guide for Senior Citizens

Senior Person - Doubling Your Savings with the Senior FD Scheme

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Unlock the secret to doubling your savings in retirement with the Senior FD Scheme. Discover how!

Are you a senior citizen in India looking to grow your savings safely? The Senior Fixed Deposit (FD) Scheme is among the fantastic options to consider. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about this scheme.   

What is the Senior FD Scheme?    

 The Senior FD Scheme is a specialized savings option offered by banks in India. It is designed exclusively for individuals who are 60 years or older. This scheme allows senior citizens to invest their money with banks for a fixed period while earning attractive interest rates.    

Key Benefits   

Higher Interest Rates   One of the most significant advantages of the Senior FD Scheme is that it offers higher interest rates compared to regular FDs. This means your money grows faster.    
Steady Income   The interest earned through this scheme can be a reliable source of income for seniors, helping them cover daily expenses or emergencies.    
Safety and Security   Senior FDs are among the safest investment options available. Your money is protected, and there is minimal risk involved.   
Flexible Tenure   You can choose a tenure that suits your needs, typically ranging from 1 year to 5 years. This flexibility allows you to plan for short-term or long-term financial goals.   
Tax Benefits   Senior citizens can also enjoy tax benefits on the interest earned, up to a specified limit.   

Things to Consider   

Interest Rates   

Compare interest rates offered by different banks to get the best deal. Rates can vary, so shop around before making a decision.   

Lock-in Period   Once you invest, your money is locked in for the chosen tenure. Make sure you are comfortable with the duration you select.   
Premature Withdrawal   In case of emergencies, you can withdraw your money prematurely, but this might lead to a reduction in interest rates.   
Tax Implications   While there are tax benefits, be aware of the tax rules and consult a tax advisor if needed.    

Current FD rates for Senior Citizens among popular Financial Institutions    



Interest Rate*    

SBI Bank    

5 years    


HDFC Bank    

5 years    


ICICI Bank    

5 years    


Unity Small Finance Bank    

1001 days    


Mahindra Finance    

42 months    


Bajaj Finserv    

36 - 60 months    


*Hypothetically speaking, with an interest rate of 7% per annum, it will take 10 years and two months to double your invested amount. It will happen faster if interest rate exceeds 7% and vice versa.   


The Senior FD Scheme is an excellent opportunity for senior citizens in India to safely grow their savings. With higher interest rates, steady income, and minimal risks, it can be a smart choice for those looking to invest. Remember to do your research, compare rates, and consult with your bank to make the best decision for your financial future.