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Can the tenant of a residential property request the landlord to install additional security measures in the property?

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Empower your safety! Learn how tenants can request and enhance security in their rented homes.

Yes, as a tenant of a residential property in India, you have the right to request the landlord to install additional security measures to enhance the safety and security of the property. It's important to prioritize your personal safety, and certain security measures can contribute to creating a more secure living environment. Here's what you need to know as a tenant:

Start by communicating your concerns to the landlord regarding the current security measures in place. Discuss why you believe additional security measures are necessary and explain how they can help improve the safety of the property.

Written Request:

It's advisable to make a written request to the landlord. This helps create a record of your request and ensures clarity in terms of the requested measures.

Examples of Additional Security Measures:

Some common security measures that tenants may request include installing burglar alarms, security cameras, motion sensor lights, sturdy door locks, or reinforced doors and windows. You can explain how these measures can contribute to your personal safety and peace of mind.

Negotiation and Agreement:

It's important to reach a mutually agreed-upon arrangement that benefits both parties.

Documenting Changes:

If the landlord agrees to install additional security measures, make sure to document the agreed-upon changes in writing, preferably through an addendum to the rental agreement.

Financial Responsibility:

In most cases, tenants are responsible for the cost of installing additional security measures unless otherwise agreed upon with the landlord. Clarify any financial obligations related to the installation and maintenance of the security measures before proceeding.

Restoration at the End of Tenancy:

Discuss with the landlord whether the security measures need to be restored to the original condition at the end of the tenancy or if they can remain in place for future tenants.

Remember, while you have the right to request additional security measures, the landlord also has the right to assess the feasibility and reasonableness of the request. If the landlord refuses your request or if there are disagreements, you may consider seeking legal advice or reaching out to a tenant rights organization for guidance specific to your situation.