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What things do I have to check before buying a flat in Delhi-NCR?

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Before buying a flat in Delhi-NCR, ensure that you have made a secure investment with these important due diligence steps.

I want to purchase a flat in Delhi-NCR and want to know what are the things I should be asking the seller. What should I keep in mind and what should I be aware of when buying a flat so that I don’t regret the decision later. I will have a broker, of course, but I want to make sure that I am not cheated or I don’t make the wrong decision. Can you help me? - Abhay Kumar (Delhi)

Buying a flat in Delhi NCR is a big decision, and it is important to do your due diligence before making an offer. This guide will outline the key checks that you should carry out with the property seller and others, in order to protect yourself and ensure that you are making a wise investment.

Residential property prices in Delhi-NCR surged significantly over the past 5 years. – Financial Express (August 8, 2023)    

Legal Checks     

The legal checks are arguably the most important, as they will help to ensure that the property is free from any legal issues.     

Title deedThe title deed is the most important document that proves the ownership of the property. Make sure that the title deed is in the seller's name and that there are no encumbrances on the property.
Encumbrance certificateAn encumbrance certificate is a document that lists all the legal charges against the property. Make sure that there are no outstanding loans or dues against the property.
Completion certificateThe completion certificate is issued by the local authorities to certify that the building has been constructed according to the approved plans. Make sure that the building has a valid completion certificate.
Occupancy certificateThe occupancy certificate is issued by the local authorities to certify that the building is safe and habitable. Make sure that the building has a valid occupancy certificate.
No-objection certificateA no-objection certificate is issued by the local authorities to certify that there are no objections to the sale of the property. Make sure that the seller has obtained a no-objection certificate from the local authorities.
Delhi-NCR real estate will experience exponential growth in 2023 – The Times of India (April 15, 2023)    

Physical Checks

The physical checks are also important, as they will help you assess the condition of the property and identify any potential problems.

Inspect the property

  • Make a thorough inspection of the property, both inside and outside. Look for any damages or defects in the construction.
  • Pay attention to things like the condition of the walls, floors, ceiling, windows, doors, and electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Also check for signs of water damage, mold, or pests.
  • Consider the size of the flat and how it will meet your needs. If you have a large family, you will need a larger flat. If you are single or a couple, you may be able to get away with a smaller flat.
  • The floor plan of the flat is important, as it will determine how the space is used. Make sure that the floor plan is efficient and that it meets your needs.
Check the amenities
  • Make sure that all the amenities promised by the builder are present and in working condition. This includes things like parking, lifts, security, and common areas.
  • If you have a car, you will need a parking space
  • If you have children, you may want a flat with a playground nearby.
  • If the property is part of a gated community, make sure that the security is adequate.
  • You should also check if there are any maintenance issues with the amenities.
Check the surroundings
  • Is it a safe and secure neighborhood?
  • Are there schools, hospitals, and other amenities nearby?
  • You should also check the noise levels and air quality in the area.
  • Consider the future of the area and make sure that it is a good investment. If the area is growing and developing, the value of your flat is likely to increase.
The top emerging real estate locations in Delhi include Rajouri Garden, Chattarpur, Rohini, Saket, Dwarka, Lajpat Nagar, Greater Kailash, MG Road, Janakpuri, and Uttam Nagar. – Magicbricks (Nov 26, 2022)    

Financial Checks

The financial checks are important to ensure that you are getting a good deal and that you can afford the property.

Check the price
  • Make sure that the price of the property is fair and reasonable. Get quotes from other properties in the same area to compare prices.
  • You can get a rough estimate of prices in Delhi NCR here.
Check the payment terms
  • Make sure that the payment terms are clear and that you are comfortable with them.
  • You should also ask about any hidden fees or charges that may be associated with the purchase of the property.
Check the documentation
  • Make sure that all the necessary documentation is in place, such as the sale deed, the agreement of sale, and the stamp duty receipt.
  • You should also check that the documentation is in order and that there are no errors or omissions.
Delhi-NCR continues to be the top-ranked destination, clocking 56 percent of the total properties bought. – MoneyControl (August 5, 2022)    

Prices in Delhi-NCR area

Here is a table of flat prices in different areas of the Delhi-NCR area in January 2023:


Delhi Property Rates Per Square Feet (₹)

1 BHK Flat Rates In Delhi (₹)

2 BHK Flat Rates in Delhi (₹)

3 BHK Flat Rates In Delhi (₹)

C R Park13,47040L – 67L74L – 1.21Cr1.27Cr – 2.02Cr
Gulmohar Park27,00081L – 1.35Cr1.48Cr – 2.43Cr2.56Cr – 4.05Cr
Dilshad Garden 7,30021L – 36.50L40L – 65.70L69L – 1.09Cr
Greater Kailash I20,20060.60L – 1Cr1.11Cr – 1.81Cr1.91Cr – 3.03Cr
Greater Kailash II18,00054L – 90L99L – 1.62Cr1.71Cr – 2.70Cr
Green Park19,60058.80L – 98L1.07Cr – 1.76Cr1.86Cr – 2.94Cr
Vasundhra enclaves9,10027L – 45.50L50L – 81.90L86L – 1.36Cr
Vikas Puri9,75029.25L – 48.75L53L – 87L92L – 1.46Cr
Hauz KhasRs. 19,00057L – 95L1.04Cr – 1.71Cr1.80Cr – 2.85Cr
I P Extension10,90032.70L – 54.50L59L – 98L1.03Cr – 1.63Cr
Jangpura16,60049.80L – 83L91L – 1.49Cr1.57Cr – 2.49Cr
Jangpura Extension21,00063L – 1.05Cr1.15Cr – 1.89Cr1.99Cr – 3.15Cr
Jor Bagh48,50014.55L – 24.25L2.66Cr – 4.36Cr46L – 72L
Kailash Colony16,50049.50L – 82.50L90L – 1.48Cr1.56Cr – 2.47Cr
Kalkaji 12,80038.40L – 64L70L – 1.15Cr1.21Cr – 1.92Cr
Kirti Nagar9,50028.50L – 47.50L52L – 85L90L – 1.42Cr
Krishna Nagar5,85017.55L – 29.25L32L – 52.65L55L – 87L
Kundli2,8008L – 14L15.40L – 25.20L26L – 42L
Laxmi Nagar5,95017L – 29L32L – 53.55L56L – 89L
Lajpat Nagar II13,40040L – 67L73L – 1.20Cr1.27 – 2.01Cr
Lajpat Nagar III19,00057L – 95L1.04Cr – 1.71Cr1.80Cr – 2.85Cr
Lajpat Nagar IV14,50043.50L – 72.50L79.75L – 1.30Cr1.37Cr – 2.17Cr
Laxmi Nagar5,95017L – 29L32L – 53.55L56L – 89L
Mahavir Enclave5,30015L – 26.50L29L – 47.70L50L – 79L
Malviya Nagar12,00036L – 60L66L – 1.08Cr1.14Cr – 1.80Cr
Mayur Vihar- I12,40037.20L – 62L68L – 1.11Cr1.17Cr – 1.86Cr
Mayur Vihar- II10,40031.20L – 52L57L – 93.60L98L – 1.56Cr
Mayur Vihar- III7,71023L – 38.55L42L – 69L73L – 1.15Cr
Model Town10,60031.80L – 53L58L – 95L1Cr – 1.59Cr
Okhla4,45013.35L – 22.25L24L – 40L42L – 66L
Panchsheel Enclave24,00072L – 1.20Cr1.32Cr – 2.16Cr2.28Cr – 3.60Cr
Paschim Vihar12,80038.40L – 64L70L – 1.15Cr1.21Cr – 1.92Cr
Patparganj10,80032.40L – 54L59L – 97L1.02Cr – 1.62Cr
Pitampura13,80041.40L – 69L75L – 1.24Cr1.31Cr – 2.07Cr
Rajouri Garden10,70032.10L – 53.50L58.85L – 96L1.01Cr – 1.60Cr
Ramesh Nagar9,30027.90L – 46.50L51L – 83.70L88L – 1.39Cr
Sarita Vihar9,80029.40L – 49L53.90L – 88L93L – 1.47Cr
Sector-10 Dwarka9,60028.80L – 48L52.80L – 86L93L – 1.48Cr
Sector-11 Dwarka9,87029.61L – 49.35L54L – 88.83LNA
Sector-2 Dwarka9,00027L – 45L49.50L – 81LNA
Sector-14 Dwarka9,20027.60L – 46L50.60L – 82.80LNA
Sector-17 Dwarka8,20024.60L – 41L45L – 73.80LNA
Sector-18 Dwarka9,40028L – 47L51.70L – 84L89L – 1.41Cr
Sector-24 Rohini8,65025.95L – 43L47.57L- 77.85L82L – 1.29Cr
Sector-6 Dwarka9,40028L – 47L51L – 84.60L89L – 1.41Cr
Sector-8 Dwarka8,25024.75L – 41.25L45L- 74.25L78L – 1.23Cr
Sector-9 Dwarka9,10027.30L – 45.50L50L – 81.90L86L – 1.36Cr
Shanti Niketan29,00087L – 1.45Cr1.59Cr – 2.61Cr2.75Cr – 4.35Cr
Tilak Nagar6,45019.35L – 32.25L35L – 58L61L – 96L
Uttam Nagar4,46013L – 22.30L24L – 40L42L – 66.90L
Vasant Kunj13,20039.60 – 66L72.60L – 1.18Cr1.25Cr – 1.98Cr
Please note that these prices are just estimates and may vary depending on the specific location, size, and amenities of the flat. It is always best to get in touch with a real estate agent to get the most accurate pricing information.
Source: (January 2023)

Other Checks

These checks are important to ensure that you are buying from a reputable seller and that you are getting the full picture of the property.

Check the seller's credentialsMake sure that the seller is who they say they are. Ask for identification documents and verify their authenticity.
Check the seller's reputationDo some research on the seller's reputation. Are they known for being honest and reliable?
Get a professional opinionIf you are not sure about something, it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion. A real estate lawyer or surveyor can help you to verify the legal and physical aspects of the property.

By considering all of these factors, you can make an informed decision when buying a flat in Delhi NCR.

Delhi-NCR sees highest annual increase in housing price among 8 cities in Jul-Sep in 2022   
- The Indian Express (November 16, 2022)  

Financial Tips

Here are some additional tips for buying a flat in Delhi NCR.

Start your research earlyThe real estate market in Delhi NCR is constantly changing, so it is important to start your research early. This will give you time to compare different properties and find the best deal.
Get pre-approved for a loanGetting pre-approved for a loan will show the seller that you are serious about buying the property. This can also give you a better negotiating position.
Don't be afraid to negotiateThe asking price is not always the final price. Don't be afraid to negotiate with the seller to get a better deal.


Buying a flat in Delhi NCR is a big decision, but it can be a wise investment if you do your due diligence. By carrying out the checks outlined in this guide, you can protect yourself and ensure that you are making a sound financial decision.