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How do you Save Electricity When Using Geyser and Save Money?

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Learn how to save money while using your electric geyser.

Saving money when using an electric geyser at home is possible by following a few simple steps. These tips can help you lower your electricity consumption and lower your monthly bills. Here are some ways to save money when using an electric geyser:

Lower the temperature

Most geysers have a temperature control setting. Reducing the temperature to around 49 degrees Celsius can save energy and money. Hot water at this temperature is still comfortable for most daily activities.

Time your usage

Heating water can be an energy-intensive process. To save money, try to use hot water during off-peak hours; this is when electricity rates are usually lower. Some utility companies offer special rates for off-peak usage, so take advantage of those if available in your area.

Insulate your geyser

Insulating your geyser and the hot water pipes can help retain heat, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the water hot. You can purchase pre-cut insulation sleeves for your geyser and foam pipe insulation from hardware stores. This insulation can also prevent heat loss when the geyser is not in use.

Fix leaks promptly

Even small leaks in your geyser or hot water pipes can waste a significant amount of energy and increase your bills.

Use a timer or thermostat

Installing a timer or thermostat can help you control when your geyser heats the water. This way, you can ensure that it operates only when you need hot water, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

Take shorter showers

Hot showers can be relaxing, but they also consume a lot of hot water. By taking shorter showers, you can lower the amount of water that needs to be heated, thus saving energy.

Opt for cold water for certain tasks

For tasks like washing clothes, using cold water can be just as effective. You don't always have to use hot water.

Unplug unnecessary appliances

Geysers often have additional features like timers, indicators, or digital displays that consume energy even when the geyser is not heating water. Unplug these appliances when not in use to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Maintain your geyser

Regular maintenance can help your geyser operate more efficiently. Drain and flush the geyser periodically to remove the sediment buildup, as this can affect its performance and energy efficiency.

Consider energy-efficient alternatives

If you're in the market for a new geyser, consider investing in an energy-efficient model. Look for geysers with high Energy Star ratings or those that use heat pump technology, which can significantly reduce electricity consumption.