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How do I check my IT refund?

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Waiting for your tax refund? Discover the simple steps to check and track it easily.

If you're eagerly awaiting your income tax refund, here's a simple guide on how to check its status:

1. Visit the Income Tax e-Filing Website:

Go to the official e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department. You can find it by searching "Income Tax e-Filing" on your preferred search engine.

If you're a returning user, log in with your credentials. New users will need to register first. It's a straightforward process; just follow the instructions.

3. Go to 'View Returns/Forms':

Once logged in, look for the 'View Returns/Forms' option. Click on it to access the necessary details.

4. Select the Appropriate Assessment Year:

Your refund status will be associated with a specific assessment year. Choose the relevant one to check the status of your refund for that year.

5. Click on 'ITR Status':

Within the 'View Returns/Forms' section, find the 'ITR Status' option. Clicking on this will provide you with the current status of your income tax return.

6. Understanding the Status:

The status could be one of several things:

Return Submitted and VerifiedThis means your return has been successfully filed and verified.
ITR ProcessedThe Income Tax Department has processed your return.
Refund IssuedGreat news! Your refund is on its way.
Refund FailedUnfortunately, sometimes issues arise. If your refund is unsuccessful, the reasons will be mentioned.

7. Check Refund Status:

If your status shows that the refund has been issued, you can further check the refund status. The details will include the mode of payment (cheque or direct deposit) and the refund amount.

If everything is in order, keep an eye on your bank account. The refund amount should reflect in your account based on the timeline mentioned by the Income Tax Department.

Remember, patience is the key. The process may take some time, and the status might not change immediately. If you face any issues or have concerns, you can reach out to the Income Tax Department helpline or your assessing officer.

That's it! Checking your income tax refund status is a straightforward process, ensuring you stay informed about your financial matters.