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How can I Save Energy on my Electric Iron?

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Here are some tips to save money while using an electric iron.

Saving money while using an electric iron is a smart idea! Here are some simple ways to help you save money when using your iron:

Choose the right temperature

Many clothes require different ironing temperatures. Make sure to check the notes on how to take proper care of the garment (care label) and set the iron to the appropriate temperature. This way, you won't waste energy and risk damaging your clothes by using excessive heat.

Iron in batches

Instead of plugging in the iron multiple times, plan your ironing sessions to tackle a bunch of clothes at once.

Sort your clothes

Sort your clothes based on their required ironing temperatures. Iron clothes that need lower temperatures first, then gradually increase the temperature for items that require more heat.

Use a spray bottle

If you encounter stubborn wrinkles, instead of rewashing or re-ironing, use a spray bottle filled with water. The moisture helps relax the fabric, making it easier to remove the creases, and you won't waste energy on unnecessary ironing.

Optimize ironing board setup

Ensure your ironing board is at a comfortable height, so you can efficiently iron without straining or bending over. The proper setup allows you to iron quickly and effectively, saving you time and reducing unnecessary electricity usage.

Don't over-iron clothes

Ironing clothes more than necessary not only wastes time but also increases energy consumption. Avoid ironing the same area repeatedly.

Iron clothes when slightly damp

Ironing clothes when they are slightly damp helps to reduce wrinkles and makes the ironing process easier. This method minimizes the time and energy required to remove wrinkles.

Unplug when not in use

Always remember to unplug the iron when you're finished using it. Unplugging not only saves electricity but also reduces the risk of accidents.