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What is the difference between order and bearer cheques?

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Differentiating between order and bearer cheques: a guide to secure and flexible payment options in banking.

Order Cheque vs. Bearer Cheque: Understanding the Difference

In the world of banking and finance, checks are an essential tool for transactions. Two common types of checks are order checks and bearer checks, each with distinct features and uses. Let's break down the differences between these two types:

Order Cheque

An "Order Cheque" is also known as a "Account Payee Cheque" or "Crossed Cheque." It is a check that is payable only to a specific person or organization, as indicated on the "payee" line. This means that only the person or entity whose name appears on the payee line can deposit or cash the check.

Bearer Cheque

A "Bearer Cheque" is a check that is payable to the bearer, meaning it can be encashed or deposited by anyone who possesses the physical check. Bearer cheques do not specify a particular payee's name, making them less secure than order cheques.

Key Points about Order and Bearer Cheques:


Order Cheque 

Bearer Cheque 

Payee Specification 

Payable only to a specific person or organization. 

No designated payee; can be used by anyone


Typically crossed with two parallel lines, indicating it can only be deposited into the payee's bank account. 

Typically does not have crossing lines, can be encashed over the counter. 


Considered safer as they require identification to be encashed or deposited. 

Riskier; if lost or stolen, anyone who finds the check can use it. 

Which One to Use?

Order Cheques

Bearer Cheques

These are recommended for most transactions as they provide greater security and control over who can use the check. They are suitable for payments to specific individuals or businesses.Use them sparingly and only when necessary. They are handy for situations where immediate cash payment is required but come with a higher risk, so handle them with care.

Understanding the difference between order cheques and bearer cheques is essential for making informed financial decisions and ensuring the safety of your transactions. Always consider the specific requirements of your payment and choose the type of check that best suits your needs and offers the required level of security.