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What are Amrit Bharat Express Trains?

What are Amrit Bharat Express Trains?

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The Amrit Bharat Express is a new, affordable, superfast train launched by Indian Railways in January 2024. Here's all you need to know.

Amrit Bharat trains are high-speed passenger trains designed for fast yet affordable connections between cities. They are non-air-conditioned and offer a combination of sleeper and unreserved coaches, The trains are ultramodern, with design features like:

  1. LHB coaches for a smoother ride.
  2. Two locomotives, one at each end, for more speed and power.
  3. Dust-sealed wider gangways.
  4. Improved toilet facilities.
  5. Fire suppression systems.
  6. LED lighting.

What is their fare?

Amrit Bharat Express fares are meant to be lower than other superfast trains. The exact fare depends on the specific route, distance traveled, and the class of accommodation (sleeper or unreserved).

How to buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets for Amrit Bharat Express trains through the following channels:

  • IRCTC website (
  • IRCTC mobile app
  • Railway reservation counters at stations
  • Authorized travel agents

What are their routes?

Currently, there are two operational Amrit Bharat Express routes:

  1. 15557/ Darbhanga - Anand Vihar Terminal Amrit Bharat Express
  2. 13433/ SMVT Bengaluru - Malda Town Amrit Bharat Express

Indian Railways is planning to introduce 50 new Amrit Bharat trains in the future, connecting various cities across the country that are more than 800 km apart or take more than 10 hours to travel by existing services. This will provide a comfortable and affordable long-distance travel option for a wider range of passengers.